Terms and Conditions


Re:Touch is a photo competition that takes place as a project in research and scholarship at the Seminar of Culture and Media Management (Institute for Theater Studies) at Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Philosophy and Humanities. The Seminar for Cultural and Media Management, represented by Univ.- Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann, hereinafter referred to as “We” or “Us”, is the organizer of the Re:Touch photo contest, which takes place on the occasion of EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography 2023. 

Terms and conditions

1. Dates and General 

From January 20, 2023 until 6 March 2023, 23:59 CET, the images including real contact details (name, date of birth, email) are to be uploaded via the form on our website (re-touch-photocontest.com). Participants agree to provide their data truthfully. By sending in the images/series of images, the terms and conditions of participation are accepted. Submissions that arrive after the closing date cannot be considered. All participants are advised to submit images early. All participants may submit either a single image or a series of up to five images. If a series of more than five images is submitted, it will not be considered. All participants may submit a maximum of one submission.

2. Format

Images must be submitted in JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF format. If a series is submitted, the images are to be uploaded as individual files within one submission. Within the submission, the individual file format should not exceed 10 MB per file. In case of publication, the original file will be requested. The specific resolution of the submitted image is not relevant.

3. Title/Filename

The file name must not contain the name of the participants or allow conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the participants. Optionally, the participants give the submitted work a title with the file name, for example “Image_without_name.jpg”. Alternatively, the title can also be indicated in the form field “Title”. The assignment of a title is voluntary, but a good title can help to stir the interest of the jury.  In addition, a short description of the image/series of images can be added, which the participants can enter in the form field “Comment on the work”, but this must not exceed a limit of 800 characters. Both pieces of information will be forwarded to the jury and can have a influence on the selection. In its essence, however, the image must be able to speak for itself, the title should therefore not exceed the length of 30 characters. If participants do not give a title, we reserve the right, in the event of the award and further possible presentations of the image/series of images, to designate the image/series of images as “Untitled”.

4. Risk

The risk of loss or damage to image files during online transmission is borne by the participants. Any liability on our part is excluded.

5. Disqualification 

Participants are required to follow the thematic and formal framework outlined in the Call. Unsuitable images may be excluded from the competition without requiring justification. Violations of the terms and conditions of participation will also lead to exclusion. Any persons directly involved in the planning and development of the project Re:Touch photo contest, which takes place on the occasion of the EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography 2023, are not allowed to participate in the same photo competition.

6. Personal data:

The personal data of the participants will be stored exclusively for the contest. The data collected will not be passed on to third parties, unless the implementation and handling of the contest cannot be carried out without passing it on or only with disproportionate effort. We reserve the right to check the personal data for accuracy. Fraud will result in exclusion from the contest.

7. Notifying Winners

Approximately one to two weeks after the closing date, the three winning submissions will be notified by e-mail. We recommend that all participants add the e-mail address info@re-touch-photocontest.com to their contacts. This will prevent reply e-mails from being sorted out by the spam filter. The three winning submissions will be officially announced on March 30, 2023.

8. Obligations of the participant

With the submission, the participants assure that they own the authorship of the image as well as all rights without restriction, that they do not violate any personal rights and that they have received a written declaration of consent for participation in the competition from any persons photographed as well as from any third party rights that exist to objects depicted. The participants indemnify Re:Touch and all partners and media from possible claims of third parties.

9. Rights of use:

With the submission, the participants grant Re:Touch and the partners of the competition a non-exclusive right of use to the images, unrestricted in terms of space, time and content. In addition to the use of the image in a presentation, this includes in particular, but not exclusively, the distribution and publication of the images on re-touch-photocontest.com, in press releases, in media and on social media channels of Re:Touch and its partners* in the photo competition. For the aforementioned uses, participants cannot claim a usage fee. In addition, further images with the names of the submitters can be published as part of an ‘honorable mention’ (‘special mention’).

10. Jury decision:

The jury alone decides on the winning images in a multi-stage process. The awards include the three winning images/series of images as well as other submissions that receive honorable mention. The jury’s decision is final and unappealable.

11. Prizes:

The awarded images will be honored with monetary prizes. The first prize will receive 1500 (one thousand five hundred) euros, the second prize 700 (seven hundred) euros and the third prize 300 (three hundred) euros. The prizes will be transferred to the three first place winners by bank transfer. For this purpose, the account details will be requested from the persons concerned in the notification e-mail.