Sedimentary Clouds

by Maryam Ghasemi

“Sedimentary Clouds” is an ongoing collection that draws inspiration from my daily conversations with my family in Iran. The project is an amalgamation of images that feature a variety of visuals from the different places that I have called home over time.

I explore the dynamic between public and private spaces, present and absent elements, painting and photography. As an immigrant, I have experienced displacement from my homeland, which has influenced my focus on the spaces in-between. The works become both a way for dismantling and reshaping the meaning of home, a means of navigating the complexities of time and space to both locate and dislocate oneself.

This project comprises images sourced from everyday conversations with my family, and I gathered fragments that evoke the essence of home, piecing them together using photoshop. I often encounter internet connection issues that result in pixelation and glitches within images. And I avail all these digital hiccups as a tool or brush to give the images a painterly quality.

Furthermore, the pixelation of images that link me to home has induced to glitches in my recollection and experience of home. This mirrors the way our memories operate, with intermittent recall and forgetfulness and illustrates the inherent fallibility of memory, and yet its ability to persist in shaping our identity and connection to the places we call home.